NHS Flu update from NHS England South (Wessex)

Submitted by LPC Office on 24 September 2017 - 9:00am

Please see attached an update from Les Riggs that was recently sent to all contractors.

It highlights their encouragement for us all to use PharmOutcomes, as well as taking great care in ensuring the correct eligibility category for clients is selected.

Thank you to 75+ people that attended this important launch event. The buzz and enthusiasm which was generated and felt in the room was great to part of.

For up to date information on the New Medicine Service please go to the PSNC Website. Other resources can also be found on the attachments and websites below:

There are currently less than the 15 people required at the moment to allow this event to run. Please consider booking in and attending this important update of knowledge and information.

Diabetes incidence is rising year on year and becoming a larger and larger burden on the NHS resources and funding. It is important that community pharmacists are up to date with current developments and in a position to step up should an commissioned extended role in the care of people with diabetes become available.

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