New pharmacy service proven to help medicines-taking

Submitted by Anonymous on 10 December 2012 - 4:55pm

As many as 18 per cent of people with serious conditions in Hampshire and IOW  could be risking their health by failing to take their medicines properly, an analysis of pharmacy data has suggested.

The NHS New Medicine Service (NMS) is a pharmacy service which gives extra support to patients who are prescribed a new medicine for either asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes or to prevent blood clots.  The NMS aims to improve the way patients take their medicines, and involves community pharmacists offering follow-up consultations and phone calls to patients to help them manage and understand their medicines regime. These consultations take place one to two weeks after receiving the new medicine, and again a further two to three weeks later.

By helping patients take their newly prescribed medicines correctly, this new service hopes to improve outcomes for patients. If people do not take their prescribed medicines properly they will not receive the full benefit of the medication, which can mean that diseases like diabetes become less well controlled, resulting in a poorer quality of life.  It is also hoped this service will reduce medicines wastage, which is often caused by patients not taking their medicines properly, and costs the NHS as much as £300 million per year.

Pharmacies across England have been funded to provide this service since October 2011, and a new analysis of data recorded by them has shown that, within just a few weeks of starting, 18.2% of patients were not taking their new medicine as it had been prescribed. For some patients this was because they had side-effects, were not sure that their medicine was working or could not remember to take it.

However, after the patients received advice from their pharmacist, the proportion fell to just over 10% not taking their medicine correctly, indicating that the pharmacy service made a big difference to many patients.

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