CPW Academy Groups

Please visit the CPW Academy Website is on http://www.cpwacademy.org.uk/ for further details.

The Community Pharmacy Wessex Academy Groups are formal sub-groups of the LPC.

The purpose of the Academy Group is to:

  • provide an opportunity for effective communication between community pharmacists and their pharmacy teams, LPC and PCTs on local and national matters;
  • facilitate the understanding and context of key initiatives;
  • and support the effective implementation and delivery of services.

You can expect:

  • 5 LPG meetings per year;
  • meeting dates and arrangements to be communicated to all pharmacies and on LPC website;
  • to be involved in future meeting content to include LPC and PCT updates and some CPD; and
  • meeting outcomes to be captured and communicated within two weeks of the meeting by posting on the CPW Academy webpage.

The groups are led by a member of the LPC and their contact details can be found under the individual pages accessible from the main menu on the left and below.

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