Smoking Referral service

Submitted by LPC Office on 28 September 2017 - 10:00am

Southampton Healthy Living (SHL) launches its Community Pharmacy Smoking Referral service on 1st October 2017. The service enables identified community pharmacies within Southampton, to positively refer suitable clients intent on quitting smoking, to the new Healthy Living hubs across the city.

Successful referrals will trigger varying remuneration rates to the pharmacy dependent on client eligibility and quit rate performance. The service aims are to improve access to the NHS Stop Smoking Service for clients, focussing particularly on those with long term conditions, pregnant smokers & their partners and other service users by encouraging positive referrals from the large footfall of people who routinely visit community pharmacies. By working collaboratively with community pharmacies it is hoped to reduce the incidence of smoking related illnesses across the city (see attached comms) Attached is the SLA for the initial 15 pilot sites selected on on the basis of geographic, demographic and previous smoking cessation service levels generated at each location. Selected sites have received a direct invitation to provide the service from SHL via the LPC and are asked to return necessary signed agreements ASAP.
File FINAL TEMPLATE - Smoking Cessation Pharmacies Referral incentive scheme 2017 - v2.pdf206.52 KB
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