Health Champion Qualification - Distance learning with in-pharmacy assessment training opportunity

Submitted by LPC Office on 26 September 2017 - 9:00am

We are delighted to provide you with the new flyer and process for the extended part-funded Health Champion programme supported by NHS Wessex and HEE England.  There are limited places available across Wessex for this support funded opportunity, so please act quickly to reserve your places.

This is a final opportunity for those who have been unable to attend the recent face-to-face events so far.

There are some very tight deadlines that individuals who have been provided with funding for this developement & training must commit to. This will enable them to meet the Health Champion requirement of the RSPH registration as an HLP in time to complete their self-declaration and in turn, meet the NHS England QPS deadline. Details are within the flyer. If a contractor does not meet the deadlines then they will be charged the full price of the course (in the T&C).

Deadlines are very tight:

  • Enrolments closing 30 September latest
  • Individuals to have requested their assessments by 14 October
  • Completion of assessment and returned by 21 October (It takes up to 2 weeks to receive the results from RSPH and then up to a further 2 weeks for the RSPH registration process for HLP to complete. Contractors will need confirmation of this registration to claim for the NHS England Quality Payment on November 24.)

This process will be managed manually using the attached forms – Eventbrite has now closed for events.


The process for in-pharmacy assessments is as follows:

  1. Contractor completes order form and enrolment, returning to PharmacyComplete. This includes credit card so that they can process payment. There will be a fee incurred for this via PayPal (£1.22 per booking) which will be included in the payment to the contractor 
  2. PharmacyComplete dispatch workbook by first class post same day – includes letter with invigilator notification form (must be registered HCP)
  3. Learner completes learning and invigilator notifies PharmacyComplete that they require assessment pack (before 14 October)
  4. Assessment pack dispatched by first class post to the invigilator
  5. Learner undertakes assessment under strict exam conditions and constant supervision
  6. Invigilator returns all require papers and declaration
  7. PharmacyComplete send papers to RSPH for marking
  8. RSPH return results
  9. PharmacyComplete send certificate and badge to candidate
  10. In the event of a failure or invalidation the candidate is notified and can retake for a fee of £35.00 + VAT
  11. As an RSPH Centre, PharmacyComplete have to meet strict quality assurance criteria and so they reserve the right to invalidate any assessment where they believe the requirements for the examination have not been met.
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