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One of the LPC’s strategic aims is to enable greater transparency with respect to the LPC's decision making process with respect to service commissioning.  The LPC Services sub-committee now review all newly proposed or recommissioned services as part of their remit. The format of the review is in a standard format ‘Service Checklist’ which RAG (red, amber & green) rates the service against pre-agreed criteria. 

Each criteria question is RAG graded with comments made where appropriate and then once completed the overall service proposal is RAG rated with respect to the LPC’s recommendation for participation and support of the service as follows:

                              Green    - fully recommend and suggest participation by all pharmacies.

                              Amber   - recommend but aware that some reservations, pharmacies will need to assess willingness to participate individually.

                              Red        - not recommended and suggest pharmacies do not participate.

The overall RAG rating is shown on the front page together with any recommendations that the LPC would like to be considered for revision prior to commissioning. Each completed 'Service Checklist’ is then sent to the commissioner to consider specification amendments to further enhance the service for our contractors. There is a section below this, where we ask the commissioner to reply and respond to any points raised.

Following a defined period of time, the checklist (or commissioner amended checklist) is published on our website and emailed to all local pharmacy contractors so that they are clear on the LPC recommendation for that service.

So, what is the position with NUMSAS?

The current position is that considering there is still so much important information yet to be finalised, contractors are recommended to delay their sign-up to the new NUMSAS service for the time being. Wessex will not be going live until at least March 2017 and hence there is no gain in rushing to sign up for the service immediately. The LPC is negotiating a position with both the current local service commissioners; NHS England South (Wessex) & IOW CCG with regard to contracting opportunities going forward, and hence our view is that contractors should wait for more information to be available before they make a more informed choice on whether to sign-up.

With only partial information at present the Service sub-committee have currently rated NUMSAS service as red.

It is clear that the NUMSAS service is inferior to the current locally commissioned PURM schemes in both Wessex (without Isle of Wight) and the Isle of Wight. The Wessex PURM service was previously RAG rated as green and is attached.

(The Isle of Wight service was previously not RAG rated, however its terms and conditions are most favourable and it too would undoubtedly be green).

Also attached is the current NUMSAS RAG rating agreed by the sub-committee.


File NUMSAS, NHS England Checklist - Service Spec update.docx35.23 KB
File PURM, NHS England (Wessex) Checklist - Service Spec.docx30.34 KB
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