Minor Ailments

Please see below all support documents that are relevant to the Isle of Wight minor ailments service. The formulary along with a detailed description of how the service should be managed can be found in the service user guide below, please read this carefully as it details commissioning intentions and other useful information.

Please also find other support documents that can both serve to update your own knowledge and to support the training of pharmacy team members.

File Sore throat information sheet.pdf278.71 KB
File Fever in children information sheet.pdf275.81 KB
File Earache information sheet.pdf275.82 KB
File Cough information sheet.pdf265.77 KB
File Cold and Flu information sheet.pdf268.8 KB
File IOW Pharmacy First Service Specification Isle of Wight FINAL.pdf597.62 KB
File IoW Pharmacy First Service Guide FINAL.pdf1.01 MB
File 2012 - When should I worry - English.pdf1.68 MB
File Get well without antibiotics.pdf244.14 KB
File IoW Pharmacy First Service Poster.pdf225.31 KB
File Minor_ailments_formulary_final.pdf310.97 KB
File Minor_ailments_formulary_Cystitis .pdf303.34 KB
File IoW Pharmacy First Service sign up form 140805.pdf47.26 KB
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