'Making every contact count ' Podcast launched

Submitted by Anonymous on 9 January 2014 - 10:07am

Pharmacy Voice and Hampshire & IOW LPC have launched the podcast, Making every contact count: An introduction to community pharmacy, which outlines how community pharmacists and their teams can help people working in local government to achieve their public health goals.

The podcast was created by adding a voiceover to the presentation held on the 25th July at the Local Government Association’s ‘knowledge hub’. The event, organised by a number of LPC leaders with the support of Pharmacy Voice, was used as a way of getting LPCs and councillors talking together about what community pharmacy is, does and can do.

The podcast can be used to raise awareness of the excellent results that pharmacists can achieve when they are commissioned to deliver public health services, and provides examples of the range of high quality services that are already delivered across the country, including smoking cessation, raising alcohol awareness and services for drug users.

Rob Darracott, chief executive, Pharmacy Voice said: “This podcast is a great means for us to make local authorities aware of the great work that community pharmacies do in their local areas. Every day, community pharmacists across England see on average 1.6million people, which provides them with enormous potential to improve the public’s health, and it’s essential that local government recognises this and takes advantage of the fantastic results that can be achieved through the use of their services.” 

Sarah Billington, chief officer, Hampshire & Isle of Wight LPC said: “It’s important we highlight the great contribution community pharmacy makes, and the benefits it brings to individuals and communities. We are community health and advice points, available to all and accessible seven days a week. We know that community pharmacies across the country are delivering exceptional services in their local areas and it’s vital that this is shared with others to ensure that everyone can benefit from their work.”

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