Community Pharmacy Wessex wows with winning showcasing event

Submitted by Anonymous on 1 November 2013 - 9:19pm

Big names from the worlds of pharmacy and public health, both locally and nationally, gave their perspectives on community pharmacy services to large crowds at Community Pharmacy Wessex’s highly successful Think Pharmacy! event on 10th October 2013.

As one of the first Think Pharmacy! showcasing events to take place since the new health and social care legislation came into force earlier this year, Community Pharmacy Wessex was keen to engage with  those who are involved in, or influence, local commissioning decisions. 

Nearly 70 attendees from the local commissioning landscape, including both new and familiar faces, were brought together at a single showcasing event where they could learn about all that community pharmacy has to offer.  As well as promoting existing and established services, the event offered a unique opportunity to build and develop valuable relationships with key stakeholders, and initiate conversations about what could be achieved with the development of innovative approaches to fully optimise community pharmacy locally.

Literature, materials and graphics developed exclusively for the event supported experienced, engaging and energetic local pharmacy teams in delivering key messages about community pharmacy services and capabilities, and their role in local health improvement strategies, to this important audience.  Amongst the keynote speakers, Sue Sharpe, Chief Executive Officer of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiations Committee, commented, “For me, it’s a brilliant way of really focusing peoples’ minds on what pharmacy can do, both within its core role in terms of supporting people with medication, but also in building awareness that you’ve got this massive untapped resource in community pharmacy ….. What a brilliant way for the LPC to get people together and really start to promote community pharmacy and build those new relationships”.

Rob Darracott, Chief Executive Officer of Pharmacy Voice, was also highly supportive of the event, “I would heartily recommend people think about doing this, maybe buddying up with neighbouring LPCs to put on one of these together, think it through, learn from people who’ve done it already, contact those who’ve already run one, because I think this has been a real opportunity”.

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