Isle of Wight

Forms and documents relating to our commissioned services are available for download below. We have recently taken the time to convert all the claim forms for PDF format so that they can be downloaded onto any computer system and printed using Adobe Reader - follow the link to the download and install the Reader program.


Public Health on the IOW has purchased PharmOutcomes which is now set up for all their commissioned services. PharmOutcomes will enable invoices to be raised and payments to be made. Public Health expects all pharmacies to be regularly checking for messages as they will be using it to communicate with community pharmacies on the Island.

Important messages are routinely sent to all pharmacies via PharmOutcomes. It is important that community pharmacies on IOW log on and regularly check for messages as well as entering service delivery activity as appropriate. This is the way the new commissioners have chosen to communicate with you.


If you fail to respond to messages you may not get paid.

Any problems logging onto PharmOutcomes please contact the help desk directly from the website 

Working on the Island

NHS IOW  has produced a comprehensive introduction to working and living as a pharmacist on the Isle of Wight. Suitable for residents, potential residents and visiting locums alike, it gives the low down on what's available for entertainment and activities out of hours together with a comprehensive guide to community pharmacy and the services we offer through them on the Island. You can download a copy here.



Child Protection

File CP awareness poster Jan14 - 140225.pdf277.75 KB

Chlamydia Screening and Treatment Service

File Chlamydia Leaflet (FPA).pdf1.3 MB
File PGD Pharmacy Chamydia treatment reviewed November 2013.pdf775.67 KB

Healthy Living Pharmacy

File Isle of Wight HLP Prospectus.pdf1.56 MB
File Isle of Wight HLP Foundation Document.pdf259.53 KB

Minor Ailments

Please see below all support documents that are relevant to the Isle of Wight minor ailments service. The formulary along with a detailed description of how the service should be managed can be found in the service user guide below, please read this carefully as it details commissioning intentions and other useful information.

Please also find other support documents that can both serve to update your own knowledge and to support the training of pharmacy team members.

File Sore throat information sheet.pdf278.71 KB
File Fever in children information sheet.pdf275.81 KB
File Earache information sheet.pdf275.82 KB
File Cough information sheet.pdf265.77 KB
File Cold and Flu information sheet.pdf268.8 KB
File IOW Pharmacy First Service Specification Isle of Wight FINAL.pdf597.62 KB
File IoW Pharmacy First Service Guide FINAL.pdf1.01 MB
File 2012 - When should I worry - English.pdf1.68 MB
File Get well without antibiotics.pdf244.14 KB
File IoW Pharmacy First Service Poster.pdf225.31 KB
File Minor_ailments_formulary_final.pdf310.97 KB
File Minor_ailments_formulary_Cystitis .pdf303.34 KB
File IoW Pharmacy First Service sign up form 140805.pdf47.26 KB

Respiratory MUR

File ACT Test for Asthma.pdf65.79 KB
File CAT Test for COPD.pdf35.62 KB

Tandem Project

File Tandem Project Claim Form A.pdf19.7 KB